December 2, 2007


I know I promised a post on Thanksgiving which is way overdue but I thought I would warm your soul first - sorry I can't take away the chill that has covered the East Coast but maybe I can make you feel what I am right now.

It's almost 3:00 Sunday afternoon and thankfully I did not have a viewing trip today. I am "semi-quarantined" to my apt, which is another story in itself.... I am seated on one of my kitchen chairs on the very small terrace in the front of my apartment. On the terrace with me is my laundry rack where my oh so soft yellow sheets have been drying in the Sun all day. I hear the call to prayer in the background and can see a few men across the way playing a game of some sort on another terrace. It's a very quiet day here in Ylara Beach. Jess and Erik have been in London since Friday and the rest of the group well who knows I generally don't. I see a few clouds on the horizon but other then that it's an absolute blue sky......the sun is beaming down on my face and trying to give me a touch of color since I am once again white. Is it truly December 3rd.....what a glorious day. If I could send a ray of this warmth to each one of you that mean so much to me I would do it in a second. Stay warm today even if it's exists only in your mind and with thoughts of Morocco. Happy Sunday!!

Thanksgiving was uneventful and a typical night with a ton of food and way too many very loud kids. I appeared with Jess and Erik and disappeared with Jess as soon as we possibly/politely could. The End.


paul said...


I have been reading through your blog since first discovering it around Easter time. I came accross it though a link from "The Morocco Report"

I own an apartment in Jawhara Smir, live in England and can relate to many of your blog entries

Can I ask? That during this very cold time her in England you can perhaps keep reminding us of the warmer sunny days you are still enjoying?

Also is the rate of change in the whole area i.e. down to and past M'Diq still moving at pace? It looks so much different each time we come over

Not too sure if as a family we can do the Christmas period over there yet! It would be nice to hear how it goes. Will you English employees be staying?

Been thinking about making some sort of contact for a while now. As it's Christmas time.......

Try not to think too much about us - cold and doing the rushing around buying this and ordering that in time for the big day!While you are in the sun, warm with the mountains at some point in you view

Keep up your posts. They do get read and Merry Xmas

paul said...


One of my comments above/in my last post should have read "Your English employees" not You English employees. Sorry, I am aware you are not English

bbb said...

Hi Paul - Thanks for the post. The girls at Compass told me you stopped into the office when I was in the states. Sorry I missed you. If you send me your e-mail I can answer you directly. Happy Holidays, bbb