July 4, 2008

4th of July wishes to the crew in Morocco

Let's talk about Independence.....this has been my week to fully experience it.
My heart still resides in Morocco. I have been back in the states solo now since May 14th. Living with family and riding the roller coaster of life once again.
Spending 7 days with nothing more then your mind and wine certainly opens your eyes to many things. I made some good, which i am very proud of, decisions this week (thanks b) and others that remain questionable, also I hit a small pothole that didn't make the week any easier.
My family is on vacation in CT and Cape Cod. The annual 4th of July party at Cape Hoop. The west coast crew decided to make the trip this year too. I'm sure it's a blast.
One of my choices - to not go..........
Daily I search for a job, e-mail resumes, network, and make phone calls. It's a very humbling time and I would not wish it on anyone. This is hands down the worst time to be unemployed in the states. Damn I should have gotten on that plane.
I was very close to getting an interview at GWA in Casa. The job was to be the Admissions Officer at the school. However they decided last week the candidate needs to speak French - CRAP. It would have been a super job! They are keeping me posted if anything else comes up. The director is awesome and would love for me to come over for a visit and to meet the team. I recently found out there are now direct flights from JFK to Casa so WHY NOT! It would be as simple as a jaunt to the West Coast.

I wish I could tell you stories and adventures but they will be on hold for awhile.
I'm not giving up yet on going back or.......to "another spot" for my next adventure!

Happy Summer !!

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