April 20, 2008

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

Since last Thursday "happy birthday" to me. Nothing, I mean nothing has gone right. It has been a non-stop week of one bad thing after another. The Black Cloud will not go away.
I hope this is not a peek at how my "XXth" year on this planet is going to be!

To top it off it is not only raining like mad in Tanger but we are getting HAIL.....
What in the world?? Thunder, Lightening and Hail on April 20th in Morocco.



Anonymous said...


Glad to see you have started posting again also I am pleased to read that you are back in Morocco and look forward to some tales

We were in Jawhara Smir just after Easter for 2 weeks and the Sun was out every day. Very quite at that time of year. Good chance to expereince the culture, etc


Anonymous said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry to hear you've been living under a black cloud! No worries the tides will turn. But you must fill me in on why you were at the police station and your vacation was cancelled. : O
Would love to hear from you!