January 17, 2008


It's been ages.......I know. What can I say I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to writing this blog. It's almost stressful for me sometimes.

It's the new year and new things are happening in my life. I've been back in the states for a month now. Visiting, driving, flying, riding on trains and trying to survive the cold.
God how I truly detest this weather!!

What's next? I wish I could answer that myself. Limbo is an interesting place to be. No home, no firm roots, my computer, my suitcases and ME.

Since December 15th I've been on the move - -
New Jersey
New Jersey
California and the journey continues.

February will be a "warm" month for me with Sea and Sand.
2 new places to discover and add to my list-can't wait.

This photo was taken from the terrace of my apartment in Morocco - YB#33
Look closely, your not seeing double!! (i need to brush up on my photo skills)

I Miss You Morocco

Before my departure from Morocco I made absolutely sure I went to the place I had always dreamed of visiting - Marrakesh......the trip was incredible.
Only one thing was missing, getting to meet "My Marrakesh".
I'll save that for next time when I will definitely stay at the "Peacock Pavilions"