November 8, 2007


Another day trip taken "the day after" my trip to Chefchaouen.

WHOOPS - how could I forget......
My trip was taken on a Sunday once again during Ramadan but it was a beautiful day and teh shops and restaurants were all open. Asilah is a very artsy seaside town approximately 40 minute south of Tanger on the Atlantic. Bye-Bye beautiful Blue Mediterranean. There were many art galleries and stores with one of a kind pottery and candle holders. A new found place for me to shop.

I bought a very Moroccan hand painted bedside table and a very cool pair of leather flip-flops.

I also met 2 wonderful people. A very pleasant, attractive young Moroccan girl name Safae who was selling unique Moroccan clothes and bags designed by a women in Tanger. She spoke incredible English and was very well educated. The store was tiny but was decorated to perfection, less is more. The name of the store in Tanger is boutique "EXCENTRICA", which I tracked down a week later.

The 2nd person I met was Tarik. I was up the alley a bit trying to make a deal on a bedside table when my hear caught the sound of Tracy Chapman. What are the chances?? While the cabinet maker was still chewing on the deal I offered I decided to give him a few minutes and follow that music.

A few paces down the voice of Miss Chapman became louder. I entered a very small room which had several hand-painted tiles displayed. Next to this room was the artist's workshop and who knows perhaps his home as well. A young boy with dreadlocks walked in behind me and I praised him on his choice of music. The language barrier jumped right out but I was able to get by with the few words of Arabic I know. His name was Tarik and his small gallery spoke volumes. I bought 2 of his tiles - 1 "which may be a photo of him" a surfer with board in tow and another with my favorite number on it. He wrapped them up for me, not in a plastic or paper bag but, in a vibrant colored page of an English magazine that was advertising beautiful furniture it was perfect. I asked him if I could take some photos of his workshop, you will see those in the slide show. Take a close look - very interesting.

It was a nice day out and a place I will absolutely visit again!

I hope you Enjoy The Journey as much as I did.

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Anonymous said...

the world is getting smaller every day.....another amazing set of pictures.....I'm jealous of your journeys!!