October 24, 2007


My internet is FINALLY back after being out at my apartment for almost 3 weeks, in the nick of time I might add! It’s 2:15 AM in Morocco and 10:15 PM on the East Coast but no matter where you are in the world it’s the bottom of the 4th at the 2007 World Series at Fenway Park in Boston. Tek just helped push the lead to 6-1. Jess and I started watching the game at her place on Slingbox at Midnight. After 2 innings it was time for her to go to bed since she has a manager’s meeting in the morning. We had been eating sweet-tarts all night that her Mom sent over in a Halloween care package. I am fully wired at this point. The internet strength I have is not strong enough to stream video so what’s a Red Sox Girl to do?
I’ve decided to purchase MLB Audio.
It’s perfect - - I am at this moment listening to WEEI and following ESPN Gamecast.

When I was a very young girl I spent a large amount of time with my grandparents. I grew up as a Phillies Fan. The days of Mike Schmidt when the Phils rocked, he was my favorite. I would sit on the porch with my grandfather and listen to games on the radio. Between innings I would go into the backyard with my glove and throw pop-ups. This has just brought back so many memories for me.

Jess, Erik and I all wore our Red Sox Garb to work today and plan to do so tomorrow as well. I had my very Red “socks” on also. Earlier in the evening I tucked the pants into the socks in honor of “33”. A friend of mine, HUGE Sox fan and East Boston native always use to say that you must wear the same outfit for every game of the series if the Sox are winning. It would be a jink if you didn’t……. Jess and Erik were not 100% on board with this but I may be able to sway them.

The hardest part will be keeping the result of Game 1 a secret from them all day. Erik is going to watch the game after work and will not want to know the outcome. Good Luck with that my friend since we all LIVE on the internet.

This weekend we’ll be making Red Sox Rally Pie (aka Boston Cream Pie) and getting very little sleep.

Bottom of the 5th: 9-1 and my guy is up next.
I hope your enjoying the game as much as I am.

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Kim said...

BOO sox :) hehehe!!!!!

hope all is well BB...thank you for passing along Sharon (Thyme to Cook's) information... I have been chatting with her, and we start my meal plan next week! :)