October 14, 2007


Chefchaouen is located approximately an hour and 1/2 from Cabo Negro. You can access Chefchaouen either by the mountain road or the scenic route which is the longer of the 2. Many of my co-workers have been to visit Chefchaouen on several occasions. Keep in mind the journeys always take place on the weekend when I can't go. Well... 2 weekends ago Erik's parents came to visit him and he was making the trip to show them the very beautiful, enchanting city. No VT's for me that weekend so I was free to go - whoo hoo. I drove my car and Jess rode with me so I would know how to get there on my own.

Upon arrival and after parking we stepped out of our vehicles and as if by chance this wonderful man appeared. "Mohammed" a new one, not either one of the 2 Compass Mohammed's - - - like out Bob or Jim very popular name. This petite, well dressed, man spoke excellent English and was going to be our guide for the day. Jess and Erik had toured Chefcahaouen with Mohammed on their first visit accompanied by Ginger and Mike.

It was a lovely day. Sunny and warm but not to hot and some of the sights were breathtaking. Although it was Ramadan you would not have know it in this small tourist town, it was buzzing with action.

We ate at a fabulous Moroccan restaurant that was very inexpensive and was extremely yummy. Mohammed brought us to a local bakery that was making fresh sweets and Moroccan treats for the breaking of the fast that day before our departure.
The entire tour was about 4 hours and was worth every Dirham.

I must like "doors" Enjoy the pics........

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely doors! I didn't want the photo journey to end. Are the doors simply by choice or do they signify smething?