August 7, 2007


His villa is guarded 24/7 by many men in various uniforms. If I can get some photos I will but I'm not sure how that will fly with the guys holding the automatic weapons.
M'Diq is A BUZZ - - - the Golden Mile.
Huge Moroccan and solid colored Flags fly on the entire roadway from Fnideq to Tetouan.
There are lighted decorations and strings of lights across the streets.
Picture Christmas as you travel down the street in your town.
Traffic is packed and the drivers are crazy.
Summer is in full swing in Northern Morocco.

Hence the reason why I am headed to the states for 3 weeks.
I'm going to strive to get some photos before I leave because once I get back it will all be over.

I have found the most amazing restaurant in Cabo Negro "aka" the Beverley Hills of northern Morocco. It's on the beach and the decor is Fab. The saddest part about it is the place is open for only 6 weeks. Can you imagine, I almost cried! The BONUS of the spot is - they serve sushi!!!!

5 days until departure......
Happy B-Day Jess ;0)


Anonymous said...

quite a handsome dude! what's his bio?

bbb said...

If you click on the link above his photo it will take you to his Bio.