August 10, 2007

Carnoustie (better late then never)

Congratulations Padraig!!

No camera's were allowed at The Open so the few shots I have were taken on our way out. These first few photos are courtesy of the The Open Photo Gallery. It goes without saying, for those of you that watched the finals on Sunday, it was WET.

but it was BEAUTIFUL.........

Although I was upset Phil was not there it never took away from the excitement of The Open.

We learned many things from that day/weekend in preparation for St Andrew's 2010 -

1) Don't wear Khaki's in Scotland (or White Pants Sergio!)

2) Always pack your North Face, Umbrella and Golf Shoes

3) Stay close to the actual venue

4) Bring Snacks & Water (i found this out b4 hand so we were well covered)

5) Pick one or two holes and remain there for the day

6) Get to the 18th hole Grandstands early for a guaranteed seat & to view some amazing final shots (buy a beer first)


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Kim said...

how fun my dear! (despite the mud that must have ruined your pantalones) missing you!