July 10, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Last week we celebrated Carla's Birthday.
Carla is Canadian dates a Brit, Steve, and moved to Morocco from Spain.

Steve , Vanessa and Glen are all Brits who moved from Spain to work for Compass. They had all been working for another estate agent named "Palmera". The Spain property market is totally saturated and the business is terrible so they decided to venture south across the Med.
2 weeks ago Glen's 17 year old daughter Bianca moved from England and started working for Compass. The newest "Palmera" recruit as of last weekend is Farhan.
The Brits are slowing trying to out number us and we cannot let this happen.

The good news is we kicked their butts on the 4th of July golf tourney!! To say the least they were not happy. Their #1 player Padge was in "AMERICA" of all places, and missed the tourney.

Little did Jess, Erik, Micah and I know this would be our new crew. They are a blast and there is never a lack of laughs when we get together. Work is not spoken about and we are very careful about who we invite on our "Beer Nights" We even have undisclosed locations so as to keep the group exclusive. It sounds very silly but if you worked for this company you would understand 100%.

Yesterday the Brits minus Farhan left for Thailand (i am so extremely jealous) they'll be gone for about 3 weeks. It won't be the same without them here, we miss them already, except for the fact that we will have a few weeks to relax without Steve pushing beer night on us several times a week. What started out as Thursday night has extended into several more nights throughout the week. The joys of summer!!

Jess, Erik and I leave for Scotland July 19th to see the Open Championship. The weather does not look very promising but who cares as long as I get to see Phil.

A few pics from the B-Day celebration.

The Birthday Girl


Jess, Liza and b.

Vanessa, Glen and Carla

Bianca and Dad

Farhan, Erik and b.

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