July 30, 2007


Sorry for the delay - back to reality here in Morocco and the days just fly by.......
The scan showed us a boy. We saw his face for about 20 seconds and that was it. His "willy" confirmed it. Susie and I cried!

After the scan we spent the day shopping in Edinburgh and the weather cooperated 100%.

Exhausted from shopping and walking the city all day I headed to the gym for Spin class. The instructor was a male tri-athlete and he kicked butt, it was incredible! I am amazed I made it through the whole class. I was so happy I was practically in tears. Honestly, I never realized how much I miss my workouts until after that class. I could not stop thanking Dom and Susie enough for letting me use the gym.
Off to dinner we headed. Susie was not familiar with "The Shore" but she use to live in that area so we were bound to find it. One thing we never thought of during the day was making a reservation. Saturday night in the city, big mistake on our part. After finding "The Shore" only to be told there were no tables available we ended up a few doors down at "The Ship". The food was great and the atmosphere was lovely.

Saturday I spent the day with Jess and her Mom. It was also the release of the newest Harry Potter book so the city was MAD!! You could get that book on every corner and in every store!!It rained all day in Edinburgh it was awful. I had bought the cutest shoes the day before and decided to wear them. HUGE mistake!! After a few hours in the rain and missing Mary King's Close the one tourist attraction I wanted to see, due to it being sold out, I was out of there......I was miserable at that point. I had to meet Susie at her gym since she was working until 9pm.

She phoned me around 5 to say she was at home - apparently after she left me in the AM she almost passed out on the street. She ordered a coffee in the morning and forgot to get decaf, it hit her like a brick. I jumped on the bus and headed back to her place. It was nice to have a mellow night with her. The original plan was to go to a "Polish" party with the health club crew. It's an incredible statistic the number of polish people who have moved to the UK in the past few years. There are a group of Poles that work at the club and one of the girls was having the party. Susie said it would be a crazy night - everyone speaking in Polish, drinking tons of Vodka and they would be asking me endless questions about America. Maybe next time!?!?!

A few more pics of Scotland:

Jessica's Mom

Great Name

Thistle - The National Flower of Scotland

CARNOUSTIE TO FOLLOW.................................

July 20, 2007

Scotland Day 1

After a very long day of traveling up at 4:00AM I arrived in Scotland. Cold, wet, drizzly, and damp Scotland. The "norm" for summer here!

I'm traveling with Jess and Erik but staying with Susie and Dom (the sailing crew) in Musselburgh which is a suburb of Edinburgh. They recently have moved into their first new home. Jess's parents met us at the Glasgow airport Thursday afternoon. They traveled from Ireland where they were visiting friends.

Friday will be a packed day. Susie is finding out the sex of the baby in the AM. Very Exciting!! Then we are going to do some shopping - Hooray. The best part of the day will be this evening. Susie is a manger at Virgin Active Health Club. A proper health club. At 6:00pm I will be taking my first spin class since January. I CANNOT WAIT!

After the gym we're heading to a restaurant called "The Shore" which coincidentally was recommend by the greatest spin instructor I know Sharon Shriner. She was in Edinburgh for work and posted restaurant recommendations on her blog. Another spot she posted about is StacPolly which is owned by a member of Susie's gym. What a small world!

July 10, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Last week we celebrated Carla's Birthday.
Carla is Canadian dates a Brit, Steve, and moved to Morocco from Spain.

Steve , Vanessa and Glen are all Brits who moved from Spain to work for Compass. They had all been working for another estate agent named "Palmera". The Spain property market is totally saturated and the business is terrible so they decided to venture south across the Med.
2 weeks ago Glen's 17 year old daughter Bianca moved from England and started working for Compass. The newest "Palmera" recruit as of last weekend is Farhan.
The Brits are slowing trying to out number us and we cannot let this happen.

The good news is we kicked their butts on the 4th of July golf tourney!! To say the least they were not happy. Their #1 player Padge was in "AMERICA" of all places, and missed the tourney.

Little did Jess, Erik, Micah and I know this would be our new crew. They are a blast and there is never a lack of laughs when we get together. Work is not spoken about and we are very careful about who we invite on our "Beer Nights" We even have undisclosed locations so as to keep the group exclusive. It sounds very silly but if you worked for this company you would understand 100%.

Yesterday the Brits minus Farhan left for Thailand (i am so extremely jealous) they'll be gone for about 3 weeks. It won't be the same without them here, we miss them already, except for the fact that we will have a few weeks to relax without Steve pushing beer night on us several times a week. What started out as Thursday night has extended into several more nights throughout the week. The joys of summer!!

Jess, Erik and I leave for Scotland July 19th to see the Open Championship. The weather does not look very promising but who cares as long as I get to see Phil.

A few pics from the B-Day celebration.

The Birthday Girl


Jess, Liza and b.

Vanessa, Glen and Carla

Bianca and Dad

Farhan, Erik and b.