April 6, 2007

Debra and Denise

I met 2 very cool women today "Good Friday" on my viewing trip - Americans living in London. They gave me tons of things to do next weekend while I'm in London. A tiny hole in the wall Sushi place - aren't those always the best. Jess will be psyched since we were craving it last weekend. We talked girl talk and laughed and had lunch together. It was for the most part extremely normal. Somewhat like hanging out with 2 of my close girlfriends from the states although I had never met these women before. It was business and the goal was to sell a property but I truly would not have been bothered if they ended up buying or not. They gave me some tips on English men...best tip is they are not American men. I may be thankful for that in the long run?? They love London and could not imagine moving back to the states. "What about the weather" I asked, my clients are always saying the weather in England is horrible. They didn't seem to agree, they believe due to global warming there is actually a "proper" summer in England. I guess that's an easy word for Americans to pick up since I have already used it in a previous post.

At the end of the day I got them to put a holding deposit down on a unit at Playa Vista, mission accomplished.

For my fellow fans of Prison Break I must say this last episode "SONA" was riveting!! Thank goodness for iTunes.

I swiped this photo from KK's blog. Hope you don't mind girl....I just love it.



Anonymous said...
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bbb said...

To the person who left the comment on my blog regarding Playa Vista. Clearly you have no idea what you are referencing. The Playa Vista I speak of is in Morocco, Africa not California, USA. Please refrain from posting any future comments about that property on my blog. Thank You.

Kim said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAA (sorry i'm laughing, but i cant stop). absolutely no problem swiping that cute picture from my blog, im glad you enjoyed it as much as i did! i will email you back tomorrow! :)