April 11, 2007

Be Back Soon

Just a quick note to let you know I will not be posting again until May. Tomorrow I leave for another property show in London. The show runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday I meet a very old friend "Susie McKirdy" who I met when I worked in London back in the early 90's. I think it may be10 years or more since we've seen each other.
Sunday night she gave me the news she's pregnant!! The best part of that story is that her Father doesn't know yet and has never met her boyfriend who will be asking his permission to marry her on this trip -YIKES.

I'm heading out on my very first vacation since I moved to Morocco.
Tuesday night I meet Susie and her fiance Dom at London, Stansted Airport. Staying in a B&B that night and flying out to Southern Italy very early Wednesday. Susie, Dom and I will then meet her Dad and his girlfriend Ann in Lamezia, Italy. We'll be boarding her Dad's 45 foot sailboat and heading over to Greece. Final destination is the Greek Island of Corfu.

I've been to Corfu but never via a massive Sailboat. When I was there I was backpacking through Europe with many random people, very young and stayed at "The Pink Palace" that's a story for another time.

I'll be back in Morocco Sunday April 29th. Stay tuned..........

April 6, 2007

Debra and Denise

I met 2 very cool women today "Good Friday" on my viewing trip - Americans living in London. They gave me tons of things to do next weekend while I'm in London. A tiny hole in the wall Sushi place - aren't those always the best. Jess will be psyched since we were craving it last weekend. We talked girl talk and laughed and had lunch together. It was for the most part extremely normal. Somewhat like hanging out with 2 of my close girlfriends from the states although I had never met these women before. It was business and the goal was to sell a property but I truly would not have been bothered if they ended up buying or not. They gave me some tips on English men...best tip is they are not American men. I may be thankful for that in the long run?? They love London and could not imagine moving back to the states. "What about the weather" I asked, my clients are always saying the weather in England is horrible. They didn't seem to agree, they believe due to global warming there is actually a "proper" summer in England. I guess that's an easy word for Americans to pick up since I have already used it in a previous post.

At the end of the day I got them to put a holding deposit down on a unit at Playa Vista, mission accomplished.

For my fellow fans of Prison Break I must say this last episode "SONA" was riveting!! Thank goodness for iTunes.

I swiped this photo from KK's blog. Hope you don't mind girl....I just love it.


April 4, 2007

AHHHH London

A great weekend was had by all, well maybe not all. Yours truly was top sales agent of the weekend. Our incentive was to book viewing trips. For every VT we booked you got 100 euros. If you brought the client into the booth and signed them for a trip you got 150 euros. Day 1 the slowest day I won 200 euros. Day 2 which was a bit busier I got 3 more. So I was getting a bit nervous....day 3 Sunday, last day of the show....the morning was so dead I was ready to pack it in. Out of nowhere around 12:00 things went crazy. I booked "13" trips it was awesome. I also ended up booking clients who know the editor of "A Place In The Sun Magazine" They are coming to Morocco to buy multiple units and feature "Playa Vista" in the Magazine. Bonacci scores big with the directors! In the end I made the equivalent of about $2000. Just in time for my 2 week vacation - more on that later.

Enough about business.....arrived Gatwick took the tube to Victoria Station. Hopped in a taxi and drove through the city - saw all the sights-beautiful. The hotel was great it was in the Docklands area which are very cool.

Night one was a group dinner in the hotel. Hung out with one of our developers who is a "Brit" and loves to have a good time as much as I do. Great little gym in the hotel ran every morning! Night 2 Jess and I went solo and found the Caribbean Scene Restaurant across the street. Live music, "reggae" & excellent food and wine. We met the chef and the GM. Also that night we met the "Bourne Brothers" and Kirsty. The Bournes, which we later found out, had a booth at the show. They own an international relocation company. They were great fun. We played Giant Jenga in the Hotel bar with them it was hysterical. They have a family record to beat, that was set by their father, of "26" rows. Below is Wess right before the whole thing went down. The record still stands!

Side note for the PA crowd - they asked me if I ever heard of Pottsville.....they are moving a client there!!

Saturday night Jess skipped the group dinner. I was not happy with her. The dinner was at Canary Wharf about 10 mins from the Hotel, a business and shopping area. The stores were closed but in the complex was A STARBUCKS - it was also closed but I now knew where it was. They had Costa Coffee in the convention hall which I had been drinking daily -not bad. Got back to the Hotel bar and hung out with the Bourne Brothers again.
Sunday night I skipped the group dinner..........

Monday morning before we left for the airport we headed to Canary Wharf to do a bit of shopping. First stop, you guessed it and to my surprise they still had Cinnamon Dolce - I drank 2 Venti's that morning - delicious. I bought 3 books, 2 cd's, mags, soap and some "bars". A perfect ending to a successful weekend of civilization.

Next Thursday I head back to London for another property show. Earls Court is the location of this show. Apparently a very posh section of London. One thing about London, it's not cheap and the GBP is very strong right now. Whatever the cost is just double it and that's what it costs in US Dollars. I guess it's best not to think about it to much in those terms!!
From London I fly out for my first European vacation - 2 weeks - - I CAN'T WAIT.