March 11, 2007

Let There Be Light

1:00 Sunday afternoon and the power has just returned. This is the second time in a week I have been without power. Last week it was my block of apartments. No power for over 12 hours. Today it was the entire complex for almost 4 hours. There is nothing you can do. Just wait and wait. I can't call up the electric company "Amendis" and report it because I can't speak Arabic. I called Brian & Liza, we all confirmed what we already knew and then continued to call each other to see if there were any updates. I watched Nip/Tuck on my computer until that battery died and then started a new book "Memory Keepers Daughter". Nip Tuck - I never watched it before and had no intention of doing so, but, Jess & Erik left all their DVD's with me before they headed home. They have the first season so I decided I'd give it a try. I'm on disk #2. Somewhat disturbing yet gripping in a strange sort of way.

Memory Keeper's Daughter was given to me by Ginger who said it really wasn't her type of book. She had been in the states over Christmas and brought it back with her. I was psyched! I just finished reading "The Tenth Circle" which I had bought at Logan on my flight out. It was perfect timing. Let me know about any new books that are worth picking up. They will be part of my shopping list for London.

I got "2" packages last week! Many thanks to my Mom and Kath. They got here so quickly. They were post marked Feb. 26th and 27th and arrived here around March 5th. PRETZELS!! 1 bag of the ultimate Rold Gold and another bag of an all time favorite "Kidzels" very yummy, 2 Cliff Bars, People Mag. love the dirt - - and 2 pouches of Premium Albacore Tuna. I think I may have had a break through with the Tuna. Silly I know....yesterday I went to the Marjane and spent some quality time in the canned fish aisle. I read or tried to read can after can to find a proper tuna and I think I have finally found it!?!?! I haven't tried it yet but it may be a winner. I better not get my hopes too high.

I also found balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese in the shaker can, and what looked to be a delicious Olive Tapenade but was awful. I spent almost 3 hours in that place.

Weather Update-64 - Very sunny but it's so windy here today that even with my shutters closed the curtains inside my apartment are swaying.


Kim said...

i was thinking of you when i stopped off at wholefoods after the gym today and picked up a few cans of tuna. it's crazy how we take food shopping for granted. so excited for you and your care package of yummy treats. sounds like all is going well, cant wait to read more!

Sharon S said...

Good to hear you are adjusting more to living away from the comforts of home!

Miss you in class!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, Dawn told me about your move!! Best of luck to you. I would die with the food choices there. looks like you will be needing a lot of care packages.