March 9, 2007

Closer I Get

Sunday March 11th is Daylight Saving Time in the states. Here in Morocco we follow "GMT" or Greenwhich Mean Time. Daylight Saving is not observed so I will be 1 hour closer to all of you starting Monday. I love the thought of that. A 4 hour difference from the East Coast!!

Some more exciting news - - I found out yesterday I will be heading to London the end of March to attend A Place In In The Sun Live property show. As the newbie of the group I never even put it on my radar screen as an opportunity. Apparently I'm doing something right. I can't wait!!!!! We're staying at the Crowne Plaza London-Docklands. A gym, spa, mani's, pedi's, shopping, STARBUCKS - the possibilities are endless!! It doesn't take much to please this girl.

Several other changes were also announced within the past 2 days at Compass. An official org chart was rolled out, the commission structure has changed (hooray) and 2 apartments are being remodeled into offices. I'll have my own space until they hire another sales person. It may not sound like a lot but it's an "enormous" step for these few small changes to actually be implemented.

Jess and Erik headed back to the states for 10 days. They get to enjoy "24" live and St. Patrick's Day along with the most valuable piece of the trip which is spending time with their families - ENJOY!!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting, wish I were there with you.....I like the time change too....maybe we can talk more....A