February 10, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

I started this post Friday AM and things have changed a bit so I'm adding in as I go.......

Sales have been going well. I’ve already made “3” ;0) It goes without saying I need to make many more to survive. Each viewing trip takes anywhere from 3-4 hours so it’s difficult to do 2 a day. It’s a long and tiring trip. I need to be “on” at all times and hope they don’t ask me a question I haven’t learned the answer to yet. I’ve gotten several good reports already so I must be doing OK.

I got an unexpected call today (my 1 day off) as I was walking through the Medina in Tetouan from one of my UK clients that he is not taking his property - booooo...

My clients are mostly from the UK. We have clients that come from agents we have hired and also direct leads that we receive from Rick. The directs are the best to sell because we get the highest commission.

I still don’t have a car....GOT A CAR FRIDAY-very small make unknown!!! or a desk. I’ve been using the "edge" of Micah’s desk. I’m carrying around my files in my computer bag. It’s very frustrating but part of what I knew I was getting myself into so I need to deal with it. 2 of my co-workers have already copied my system for organizing clients so I have not lost that strength!!

I have finally moved into my apartment and hired a cleaning lady. These women are amazing. I have never in life witnessed the type of cleaning done by a Moroccan. They literally spend the whole day cleaning and will also cook upon request. They will do the grocery shopping along with the cooking. The cost is ridiculously cheap. She comes twice a week and I pay her 200DH which is the equivalent to approximately $25.00. If I decided to have her cook it would be an extra $10.00. The good part for her is that I live alone and (as most of you know) the place is never truly a mess. She's almost cleaning what is already clean. So I spoke to soon........ - the women (Nime) broke one of my new mugs and spilled bleach on my bathroom rug. - oh well.

This week I got a landline and window screens put in the apartment. Still no internet! Moroccans do not believe in screens. If you don’t have screens I’ve been told you must keep the windows closed at night during the summer or be eaten to death by the mosquitoes. My landlord was nice enough to get the screens as well as a mini dual washer, dryer. Its takes about 2 hours for a very small load of laundry to dry and it comes out a wrinkled mess. Hopefully my girl irons too ?!?!

The furniture and decor is not very nice. Nothing matches! Eventually I will get around to buying some curtains, bedding, and furniture to make it more like home but for now it will have to do - - - bought some curtains today.....got home and there was only "1" panel. It will most likely take weeks to get another panel of the same color...uugghhh.

Monday we started Arabic lessons. It’s incredibly hard. They read and write from Right to Left. Learning to write the letters makes you feel like you are back in Kindergarten. Our classes are Monday-Friday 1 hour per day either 8-9am or 5-6pm. I have chosen the night class so I can work out in the morning - hold that thought - Things constantly change here overnight - classes are now in the "morning only" so I may be dropping out because I will quickly lose my new friends if I can't work out.

The crew I watch 24 with every Wednesday night:

Erik (Morris O'Brien), Mike (Bill Buchanan), Ginger (Karen Hayes), Jessica (Chloe O'Brien)

I'll take some pics of the view from my apt soon...

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Sharon S said...

you are so funny naming your friends the different characters on 24!!!!

seems like you are doing well beth.

miss you in class :)