February 13, 2007

This is why I moved to Morocco......

Today is by far the most beautiful day since I've been here. The temp must have hit 70.

This afternoon as I was surfing the Internet I saw the East is about to get the worst storm of the season.

I took these pictures over the weekend so if nothing else they will warm your soul:

Entrance to my apt complex

The next 3 photos are views from my terrace from left to right

Cabo Negro at Dusk


My Marrakech said...

Your sunset is so very beautiful there:-)

deerjeff said...

Not to shabby sis, looks and sounds like a great time.
I am on my way out to plow the lot at work for a second time in the past 3 hours, aahhh!

Stay safe.

Sharon S said...

looks awesome beth!

when can I come visit!

Anonymous said...

Place looks great! Glad to see the weather has finally warmed up! Take care!