February 21, 2007

No "Chicken" Curry Today.....

President's Day this past Monday, Ash Wednesday today, just another day in Morocco. I passed on the chicken curry from Marge and am still deciding on what I'm giving up for Lent. Not many choices since my diet currently consists of only a handful of foods.

I'll need to ponder that one a bit more today.

I get a lot of e-mails from friends and family asking me so many questions about my life in Morocco. I'm trying to tackle them one by one.

1) Food - I will post anything new or unusual as I encounter it - - -

Came across what I thought was a "HUGE" find in the Marjane the other day. Bought a box of what seemed to be Clorox Wipes I was so psyched and couldn't wait to share the news with Jess. Drove home with lightening speed, ripped off the plastic, opened the plastic box and.... they were "DRY", can you imagine! I was not the first one to be fooled by this product the same thing happened to my neighbor Maureen. I guess by the time they make it hear from France, where they are produced, they dry out. The box specifically says "In English" keep tightly closed so as to not lose moisture.

2) Social Life - Zero! It's off-season and there are only a few restaurants in the area open. There is a Hotel across from our office but it's rather expensive - Sofitel, Marina Smir and Kabila Marina which have bars and cafes are also close by but are all currently closed.

I have been out 1 night since I've been here. A few of us went to Tangier - it's a very happening city but still very Moroccan and 1 1/2 away so it's not often that people make the trip. 4 of us went to a great French restaurant "Relais de Paris" and had some excellent wine. The guys had Cubans and I got my hands on my first box of matches to start my new collection. We weren't actually supposed to take them but C'est La Vie!!

The Compass office was originally in Tangier directly below the restaurant so the directors are good friends with the owner.

I miss city life 100%. I miss being able to call up a friend and head out for dinner and drinks at a moments notice. I miss American music, live bands, concerts and sports.

The pace of my life has drastically changed.

July and August are the height of the holiday season in Northern Morocco. The area will be flooded with French Moroccans. I've been told my commute to work which currently takes approx. 15 mins can take up to 2 hours during July and August. It will be reminiscent of Route 28 on the Cape over the 4th!!

Summer 2007 should prove to be an interesting one!

The Flag of Morocco


kt said...

Beth, So good to hear you are well and experiencing life abroad. Feel free to put a bit of water in the bag to rehydrate the Chlorox wipes, and let them sit a bit. The chemicals are still going to be on them, and it should be fine if you put them in a container with a lid at your place. I used to do that with baby wipes all the time. Let me know how it works out! miss and love you tons!

Anonymous said...

NO more matches!!!!!!

deerjeff said...

And I thought there was only one CLOROX ANNIE!

Yurgen said...

I really enjoyed reading.
I liked your trip.
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Tangier is energetic, very likeable, extremely individual with an enduring peculiarity. I visited Tangiers.