February 17, 2007

Coffee Withdrawal -

Venti, Non-Fat, No-Whip, Xtra Hot, Cinnamon Dolce Latte -
Large DD with 4 Sweet and Lows and Skim Milk…….PLEASE!!!!

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my kitchen still without internet writing this post. I have to work this afternoon so I have a few hours to chill. I would give anything right now to go out and get a coffee!! It may sound very silly to hear me say this but “nowhere” here can you get a coffee to go. You have to head into M’diq and sit down in a cafe and get a coffee. Not a large coffee either, a small 8oz cup that takes at least 10 mins. for someone to make. This is just one of the “many” things I miss from the states.

Pretzels – I LOVE PRETZELS….."Rold Gold Mini Twists" reign supreme.
At the local Marjane they have one type of pretzel, a short thin stick item. Saltletts Sticks that come is a small non-user friendly bag. Not Fun!!

The cereal’s OK-I’ve been living on it. I can find some decent Kellogg’s brands.
Yogurts are about 4oz and not very tasty unless of course you buy the kids or full fat kind.

No cereal bars or balance bars of any type. In Spain I was able to find some Kellogg’s breakfast bars but they were awful. The guys in my office however loved them they ate all 3 boxes. They’ll eat anything though….I’ve been buying different foods to try, whatever I don’t like I bring in to the office and eat it right up.

No Dasani – all the water here is mineral water. The best brand I’ve found is Sidi Ali. I need to look for Ciel which I discovered on-line is a Coke product. I believe I have drank more “Coca Light” since I’ve been here then my entire 4 ½ years with Coke. It actually tastes different then the Diet Coke in the states. It’s sweeter almost like the fountain soda.

No Take-Out and if you do find a half-decent place it can take up to an hour to get a pizza made. No wraps, burritos or a simple tuna or turkey sandwich.
I have not eaten any sliced turkey or canned tuna since I’ve been here.

No Zip Lock Bags, Dryer Sheets, Clorox Wipes or Essie Vanity Fairest Nail Polish.

Magnets – I brought many pics of friends and family to put on my “little” fridge and can’t find a magnet to save my soul.

There are many so things we take for granted as Americans on a day to day basis that are impossible to get here.

Some positives…..OLIVES!! Before every meal they serve olives. Many different types as well as marinated olives. Delicious!
Spicy Chicken Curry with Rice homemade by “Marge” who is British and lives in the complex Jawhara Smir where our offices are. We call in our orders to her and she hand delivers the meals on proper plates to our office.
Still waiting to a try real couscous which I’m told is amazing and I’ve found a few very yummy Moroccan Salads. The downside of salad here is that they use Mayo for the dressing. No worries “Sally” has not lost her knack for ordering her meals exactly how she wants them (with a little help from my Arabic speaking friends)
I can hardly believe it's already been a month since I arrived here......


deerjeff said...

I will gladly trade you a turkey wrap for lunch hand delivered on a PROPER plate.
My mouth is watering just thinking about the olives!

Anonymous said...

My gosh, how can you live with out Clorox Wipes!

Anonymous said...

The Coke cans look totally AWSOME!!!!!! that is so cool!!!
Is there another language on the can besides Arabic??

Anonymous said...

We'll have to send you some caffiene tablets or something - coffee withdrawals are a terrible thing!


Anonymous said...

Oh B, no DD coffee, no Essie polish... I'm sick just thinking about it. I bet they don't have Windex/409 either! Miss you, B